Welcome to an exciting space of collaborative efforts, creating a network of professionals supporting international health in the Region!

For several decades, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has provided opportunities for reflection and dialogue regarding the complexities, challenges, and opportunities in the field of international health through the Training Program in International Health (TPIH, 1985-2006) and the Edmundo Granda Ugalde Leaders in International Health Program (LIHP, 2008-present). The creation of the International Health Network (IHN; REDSALI for its acronym in Spanish) enables program alumni to continue this dialogue and to support efforts to advance population health and development in the Americas through continued interaction, engagement, and commitment, based on an international health perspective grounded in the principles of equity, social justice, and human rights.

The network proposes to facilitate the dissemination of information and intellectual production of the IHN, promote advocacy efforts and opportunities for dialogue and reflection, encourage academic interaction, and contribute to the promotion and development of research related to international health.

The website http://www.redsaludint.org/ was established to facilitate interaction among program alumni and affiliated professionals, and to enable the attainment of the IHN objectives. Members are encouraged to share experiences, best practices, projects, programs, publications, and research that contribute towards international health and the goals of the network. They can also connect through the interactive discussion forum, proposing and debating cutting-edge topics relevant to international health within a national, sub-regional, regional, or global context. Opportunities for research and continuing education provide members with information on pertinent scholarships, grants, courses, and upcoming events. The alumni database enables members to search for colleagues based on pre-determined filters (country, cohort, type of institution, area of interest/work, etc.). Finally, members are encouraged to share photos depicting their work in international health research, projects, programs, conferences, and/or other events and activities relevant to the field of international health.

The success of the site – and of the International Health Network as a whole – depends on you! We look forward to your contributions, suggestions and ideas for improving this site and the IHN!