In this section, IHN members are encouraged to share information regarding successful experiences –projects, programs, initiatives, etc. – in which they are involved either directly or indirectly. Members can also share and learn about opportunities for advocacy and collaboration. Please feel free to contact the contributor indicated for additional information, if desired.  


Projects and activities

Mesa de Género- Colombia/ Colombia's International Cooperation Board on Gender: As of 8 April 2008, various international cooperation agencies in Colombia, interested in contributing towards the advancement of women’s human rights in the country, established the International Cooperation Board on Gender. Based on the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda for Action and Beijing Platform for Action, the board aims to improve harmonization and coordination of cooperation in the areas of gender equity and women's rights.

Source/translated from: Mesa de Género de la Cooperación Internacional en Colombia, official webpage

Contributed by: Isabel Posada


Equity-LA II- The impact of  care integration strategies on health care networks' performance in different Latin American health systems (Equity-LA II):

This is a research project whose objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of different care integration strategies in improving coordination and quality of care in health care networks in Latin America. This project seeks to generate evidence for the formulation of policies that improve care integration in Latin America.

Source: Equity- LA, official webpage:  and pamphlet:

Contributed by:Angélica Ivonne Cisneros Lujan


University Clinic on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Universidad Veracruzana: This is a project of an academic entity pioneering a model for the extension of university services in the field of reproductive and sexual health that contributes to the training of students in this area with an integral and interdisciplinary vision based on an approach centered on human rights, interculturality and gender equity, and maintaining an appropriate balance between theory and practice. 

Source: Clínica Universitaria de Salud Reproductiva y Sexual, Universidad Veracruzana, official webpage, Link:

Contributed by: Angélica Ivonne Cisneros Lujan


Global Green and Healthy Hospitals: This is a network  that counts with 1,072 members in 52 countries on the 6 continents, whose aim is reducing their enviromental footprint and promoting public and environmental health. Members are healthcare facilities, hospitals, health systems and health organizations that use innovation, ingenuity, and investment to transform the health sector and foster a healthy, and sustainable future.This initiative invites us to imagine: " 1) hospitals around the world deploying onsite renewable energy and super-efficient building design; 2) sourcing sustainably grown food for their communities; 3) minimizing waste generation; 4) practicing water recycling" 

Source: Global Green and Healthy Hsopitals, official webpage, Link:

Contributed by: Johanna Montalvo Vázquez 


Rissalud "Redes entre todos": "It is a Regional Collaborative Network to support the management of Health Services Networks. Its purpose is to create a proactive tool integrated by political and technical leaders of the countries that integrate it to promote knowledge, experiences systematization and South-South cooperation through the creation and implementation of a Regional Public Good."

Source: Rissalud, official webpage, link:

Contributed by: Patricia Giménez León


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